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acrazywench's Journal
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
12:22 pm
A response to an LJ's subjectless post...that got so out of hand it became a post in its own right
For the second day running I seem to be listening to Spot in the Corner on a loop! (I wonder if Mara_Sho is proud of me?*g*) [Yes I could work out how to do the pretty underline link to her journal but I can't be faffed to read the instructions and since anyone reading this will pretty much have her friended it seems silly to think that you don't know who I'm talking about and where to find the lovely lass.]

I've just realised elements of it remind me a bit of Albert Hammond (particularly the intro to 'I've learned to love'..but I can't remember the song it reminds me of and since it's not on the album I'm about to mention this little sentence - not that helpful). You've probably never heard of Albert Hammond, but I was listening to his 'Free Electric Band' at a very young age - rather taken by the song 'Rebecca', can't think why - and unlike Joni Mitchell, who I apparently also liked at the time, I didn't ruin Albert Hammond by trying to make it keep spining on the turntable after it had stopped. (I have no memory of ruining Joni and I'm thinking since I was pre-school age I can't be held responsible despite what my parents may think! It was almost 30 years ago, I think they should let it go...or at least move into the CD age.)

Anyway, now I'm going to have to dig out Albert Hammond to see if he does sound like Steve Carlson and then I'll find that I'm completely wrong and this was a pointless post. It fitted in with Mara_Sho's subject-less theme at the time, but since I've now decided this is too random and pointless to inflict on her journal and instead have turned it into a post in its own right, I'm guessing the randomness just keeps on coming.

(Ooh, have just googled and found that Albert Hammond is father to Albert Hammond Jr who's in the Strokes. So the music-savy may have heard of an Albert Hammond, but perhaps not the one I'm thinking of.)

Yes, this is how my thought processes go - aren't you pleased you're not in my head?!*eg*

*Happy New Year!*
Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
4:02 pm
Just random bits and pieces of rambling
I'm wondering if the latest convention was named 'Not Fade Away' as a statement of intent for the post-convention sleep-deprived convention goer?!

Had a fantastic weekend with thedothatgirl and whiskyinmind. I also got to meet fresleyforever and friends through thedothatgirl which was good.

I'm still having convention withdrawal and feeling gutted that it was the last Angel convention. I could write a whole bunch of highly entertaining anecdotes about the weekend, but my brain is still not fully functional so I'll leave it to others to fill you in. (This also takes the pressure off of me to be entertaining and witty - an excellent ploy!)

Got home just before 3am on Monday morning to find that my vid had not fulfilled its vidding duties - so at about 4.30am when the repeats of two of the shows that had been on my recording list but hadn't recorded had finished, I wended my way upstairs to try and uncover my bed from the post-packing bedlam. (And I'm asking myself why I'm still tired?!)

Still confused as to how I created false memories of already meeting Keith. It can't just have been based on watching AC's vids from End of Days, as I had 'memories' of him going into the audience to ask people questions because everyone was so quiet. Maybe it was a bizarre deja vu thing? Anyway, that leaves me with the opportunity to kick myself for not getting something signed by him and Vincent. (Lovely as he is, I didn't need more Andy sigs so I don't know why I went down that route.) Not so worried about not getting a group pic though since it sounds as though some of them didn't come out very well and, because it was digital, you only got one copy. Kind of wish I'd been brave about bidding for stuff in the auction on Saturday - at the last event with an auction in my price range I promised myself that if that happened again I would go for it, but when it came to it I got scared. Ah well, on the bright side I went to the bank yesterday and got to put some money back into my account after an event. That almost never happens.

My post convention planned happy of going to see the lovely cap'n in Slither has been defeated by the evil cinema deciding not to show it this week. How inconsiderate?!

As I said, random bits of rambling. In my world it all makes sense, and since this is my LJ you'll have to cope!
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
9:45 am
Something happy
According to the Guardian, Norman Kember and two Canadian hostages are now free:

"Mr Kember, 74, and two Canadians, Harmeet Sooden and Jim Loney, thought to be his Christian Peacemaker Team colleagues, were rescued by a special forces unit which stormed the house where they were being held west of Baghdad, reports said"

Well there's no-one around here at the moment to tell, so I thought I'd tell the 'puter!
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
2:15 pm
The plan is succeeding - apparently Bushwhacked was watched on Wednesday night. Not only did my parents watched this without my being there to prompt them, but I'm rather impressed that mum was able to tell me the title of the episode they had watched! (Quite funny actually as apparently I had 'already made her watch that episode'. Still not quite sure how I 'made them' watch the episode on Wednesday, but apparently my psychic abilities are obviously improving so I'll make them finish the series and then tell their friends about it!*weg*)

Btw, has anyone got a nice Firefly/Serenity desktop/wallpaper they can recommend? (I promised I would change my wallpaper from AC's Spike & Dru Xmas by Monday to prove that I was aware that December 2004 was over! I've already changed my screensaver to 'can't stop the signal' - well someone new is starting on Monday and they may use my 'puter for a bit so I figured a little guerilla marketing was in order!*bg*)
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
8:58 am
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Andrea
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Guess what guys, it's Andrea's birthday today! Shall we give her the bumps?!*eg*
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
5:50 pm
Would someone just please....
hit me on the head with a wet kipper!!

Every f*ing time I do this! I spot a Whedon related dvd deal, I think I'll order that tomorrow, forget about it for a couple of days and then am somehow surprised when the deal disappears. Just how stupid am I?!

So, sorry to the two people who won't be getting the Firefly dvds as a birthday present. (It's not even listed on Smiths website anymore - so who knows what that means:() (And also I can't be bothered to think up new and inventive presents so if they end up with bath salts or something of that ilk don't blame me - blame all the websites who've stopped doing the half-price offers. If they would just state how long their offers lasted I wouldn't mind...but oh no they like the element of surprise!)

And as for me, well I guess I won't be replacing my set just yet to get a perfect episode of Trash and if I end up with cr*ppy amary boxes for Buffy and Angel it's my own stupid fault!

Have you noticed how I only ever post in this thing when I p*ssed off? (Often about the fact that I never seem to get my credit card out in time!:() A nice little bit of stress relief. Bit of a shame that others have to put up with listening to it/reading it.

(Nearly had heart failure when searching the web to see if any of the deals were still around. I've found a rumour on a posting board of Joss Whedon in Huddersfield on 29th June - 1st July at an academic Whedonverse conference being held there - evil though I am, I'm hoping this has also had to be cancelled because of his work commitments. Well otherwise I'll be really grumpy!:( [You thought this was grumpy?Ha!])

And while I'm on a winning streak with the moaning, the one deal I have not forgotten about: b.o.g.o.f. jaffa cakes. Would Tescos please get their act together and start actually re-stocking their shelves!! In theory they have a special offer on jaffa cakes at the moment - which is very important in view of what's happening next weekend (a convention without jaffa cakes is like a baby without a teddy bear), four times I've been in there trying to take advantage of this so called special offer and four times the jaffa cakes shelf has been empty!

So tonight I'm walking myself to Morrisons instead to buy jaffa cakes. I don't care if they're not doing an offer on them - I'm now not buying them from Tescos on principle!

On a happier note, how lovely are lemon bonbons? Ok, so they make your teeth stick together and aren't always as exciting as strawberry ones - but still, how lovely?

Well I think that's enough blather for now. If I get wet on the way to or from Morrisons obviously I'll somehow find a way to blame it on Smiths, Choices, Play or Comicon - blaming it on Tescos would just be too easy!*g*

Current Mood: doing dance of the wet kipper
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
5:07 pm
Reply to Sho's journal
For some reason I can't comment in Sho's journal, so I guess that means I'll have to do a 'reply to this thread' in my journal!

Anyhoo, along the theme of where you're going tomorrow, there's a rather fine vid with that title by a certain AC which you should most definitely watch.

D'oh! Just checked her site and that one's offline for the moment. Oh well, there's always Food, Glorious Food - probably more appropriate theme-wise:)
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
12:27 pm
B*lls!!! I'm not a happy bunny:(
Comicon now have Adam Baldwin listed as a guest and he has been taken off the Quor'toth guest list :( :(

Current Mood: grumpy
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
10:57 am
Yay! Happy thoughts:)
Since I seem to be constantly hungry today I've just started on a jaffa cake muffin I brought into work just in case hunger struck and am now remembering the time when smileawhile gave it to me. Happy, happy times!! Now if only the muffin could magically transport me back to that time so that I could be entertained by Mr Fillion and co. all over again:)
Monday, May 16th, 2005
3:13 pm
Idea for guerilla marketing
I had a thought, so I posted it on the Firefly yahoo group. Just in case you're interested, it's pasted below:

'I don't know if anyone listens to Colin and Edith on Radio 1, but
Edith seems to be a huge Star Wars fan (to the extent that Colin
bought her a Star Wars cookbook!) and this week on the show they are
doing a daily Star Wars feature. I had an idea that to make Radio 1,
or at least Colin and Edith, aware of the Big Damn Movie and perhaps
get it a mention on Radio 1, various peeps e-mailing Edith the Darth
Vada 'Joss is my master now' comic strip with some sort of 'so you're
excited about Star Wars, but have you heard about Serenity yet?'
comment might be a plan. What do you reckon?'

It's already had a response, but what it suggests sounds techie to me, so I can't help them!*g*:

'Sounds brilliant to me. Maybe we could get the strip
blown up a bit and put in a little frame... I'd
happily chip in. :-)'

There you go, thought I'd share:)
Friday, May 13th, 2005
4:24 pm
Watched this week's Imagine the other night - A Short History of Tall Buildings pt.1 - and imagine*g* my surprise when I heard Christophe Beck's Dead Guys with Bombs music being used as the backing track part way through!

Just needed to share:)

I love architecture programmes. Forget modern art, I just like the buildings it's housed in!

Thursday, May 12th, 2005
9:29 am
Happy Birthday Sam!!
Hope you have a cracking day:)

Monday, April 25th, 2005
11:25 am
Weekend Waffle
Another song to add to Friday’s meme which I can’t believe I didn’t think of:
2. Black Coffee – All Saints
This is the song that was playing on the radio when my eldest niece made her first appearance in the world:)

It's very boring, but here's some
weekendy ramblingCollapse )

Over the rambling now:) I know it doesn't make sense, but I'm really too lazy to sort it out and turn it into reasonable English:)
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
4:12 pm
"acrazywench - Because Sho had already done it *headdesk*, and Becks has updated twice today" Darn, don't mention the updates, if I'd just updated once I might have got away with it! (Fawlty Towers in my head, I had to share:))

Music Meme

1) Total volume of music on my computer: 0.00

2) The last CD I bought: I think I picked up Alanis Morrisette (sp?!) and Joss Stone cds in the mvc sale recently. I also bought an ultimate 80s boxset for a friend's birthday.

3 a) The song that I listened to before writing this:
Bog all - radio 1 were all talk as I was walking to work this morning:( On actual cd player (well, dvd player as cd still not replaced a year on!) the last thing I listened to was the Vast album. Oh actually, last thing I heard/paid attention to in the pub today was Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Can't Stop.

b) Song playing right now:
Nothing, earlier I had Chemical Brothers (Push the button) floating around in my head.

4) Five songs that I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
I need to go away and think about this one:) But here's one to be going on with:
1. I'll be there for you - Rembrandts

5) Which five people are you passing the baton onto? And why?
I think everyone's done this now, haven't they? (Sho and Andy have, haven't they?)

So that leaves Sam, Denise, and three others. (I don't think I have any more 'friends' as far as LJ is concerned:()
11:29 am
Two updates in one day, what's going on!!
Ok, so this should really have been tagged on to the last update!

I'm considering going crazy with the finances and buying a digital camera (before next week's fun) so that I don't feel in need of valium shots every time I go to get a film processed! (I have an APS camera, and it can cost up to £12 to get one film processed - this explains why I haven't processed any films for ages! And they always seem to mess up the printing in Lincoln anyway, which just makes it all the more traumatic!)

Anyway I would like a reasonably priced camera, but which does a good job on the zoom front so that I can get loads of lovely close up pictures of Nathan in his flowery shirts. Any advice, gratefully received:)

Just so you know, I have no knowledge of cameras or digital technology, apart from what they tell you in the Argos catalogue:) (Boy I've been reading that catalogue alot lately! Haven't found a nice replacement for my weekend bag that gave up the ghost at Hyperion in there yet though, so I think I'll have to be ripped suitcase gal again. Replacing luggage is just far too pracitcal, particularly when you'd rather be spending it on guest hugging opportunities!)
10:17 am
Very annoying!!

So I've just found out that 'Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly' was published at the beginning of this month and was thinking that would be good to take next week as something for the guests to sign - especially since Jewel Staite contributed to it.

But can I find a new copy of it in this country?! Looks like most places are completely sold out or never really had it, and the only two copies available through Amazon.co.uk are both second hand and above the list price of £9.60 (one listed at £60!!!) and would take time shipping because they've got to get to Amazon first. (Just checked the French and German sites and in both the book price is over 70 euros!!) I was thinking of ordering through Amazon.com - but although the list price is $12 it would cost $35 to ship! So I'm abandoing the idea and hoping that Universal are jumping at the chance to promote the show and will have a store in the dealers room choc full of firelfy goodness.

Serenity's only a week away! Giddy!!!!

Can't believe it, I've got so much to do before then! Think I may pass on the dress up thing - a weekend is not long enough to find Wild West, Star Wars and shepherd/companion gear!

(btw, am frustrated by myinability to find the book, but I'm not as angry as that red little face seems to think!)

Current Mood: frustrated
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
8:22 am
So I'm part way through making a ra-ra skirt:) It's a shame the 80s night is tomorrow night, I haven't even got one ra fully sewn on yet! I've still got to buy a shirt to go over it. Some stuff that I thought I had which was 80s (a couple of fab jackets that I didn't throw away but which may parents may have rehomed for me, a pair of leggings, shirts) all seem to have bitten the dust so I'm having to have a radical rethink. Leggings seem to be distinctly 'out' at the mo, can't find any anywhere. Also can't find such useful lovelies as legwarmers, lace to put in hair, bangle things or grandad tops to wear under shirt. (I dunno, anyone would think the 80s were well and truly over!!)

Haven't even thought what to do shoes-wise. When there was the leggings possibility under the ra-ra skirt, I could have got away with thick socks and boring trainer type things, but without the leggings that bit's going to have to be rethought too:(

Why did I agree to this?

Ah, I remember, lots of wine was involved. (Note to self, stop drinking when agreeing to do silly things like dressing up and dancing starts becoming a 'great idea'!)
Friday, March 11th, 2005
2:03 pm
Hmmm, any ideas?!
So...has anyone been in the shops lately, had a gander round and thought 'That's sooooo 80s'? If so, please tell me what you saw and where you saw it!!

I agreed (whilst under the influence) to get all dressed up in 80s style for an 80s night next week, so this weekend is dedicated to searching for gear. I think you know me well enough by now to recognise that I'm quite lazy, so any helpful hints and quick routes to the perfect 80s outfit would be much appreciated:)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
9:47 am
There's a second chance to see an advance screening of Serenity (20th March) in London. Now I have to be in London on the 21st - so there's part of me that wants to raise my hand and say 'me, me, me!' - but it would mean watching it in its raw form without effects etc, having to keep my trap shut about it until November, and effectively being spoiled for the final product. I like things to be unspoiled, so I don't think I'll go, but I really hope that none of those who do go talk about it at Serenity in the Q&As or anything - that would result in my being a dangerously batty gal!*g*

Now any thoughts on Serenity²? I was really hoping Joss would be at Serenity, but since the film's now not going to be released until November, it's more likely that he'd come over to the UK in November and maybe turn up to Serenity². (Then again he may not turn up to anything and I may just be having pie in the sky hopes!) (Maybe Joss is in league with Sean make sure we hand over all our dosh before the year's out?! I definitely seem to be going down that route again this year!:()
Monday, February 21st, 2005
11:14 am
Yay snow!!!!!!

I just need it to keep up for another couple of hours so I can out in it:)
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